What is Wedding Boudoir?

November 19, 2019


There is a lot to think about when you are planning to get married – the wedding itself (and all that goes with the party), finding vendors, scheduling an engagement session, maybe even rehearsing a first dance – all eyes are on you. Another thing that might be on your wedding planning list? Doing a pre-wedding or bridal boudoir session!??

Maybe something like this isn’t for you.? Maybe you think this is something that is too far outside of your comfort zone.? And if it is, that’ totally ok!? But you just may be thinking what if this could be an unforgettable gift to yourself AND to your partner.? What if this experience lets you celebrate and honor this beautiful person you are?? What if this is something that leaves you feeling liberated and confident and amazing?? And trust me, it will.? ?

Over my career as a wedding photographer, I have seen wedding boudoir photography become more and more popular.My very first boudoir clients were brides. They were normal, regular women on their wedding day who asked, tentatively if we could take a few images of them before they had their wedding dress on. They already had the hair and make up done, they already had gorgeous lingerie, they already had been working out and getting ready to be seen.??

If you think that boudoir photography is something you would never do, think again.? I created Modern Muse, Boston Fine Art Boudoir so that anyone can feel comfortable and confident getting sensual and timeless images made at this moment in their lives.

Bridal Boudoir Photo Ideas

First, I believe that your bridal boudoir portraits should be recognizably you. ?And that means that all Modern Muse sessions begin with listening to who you are and learning what you want to express through your bridal boudoir images. We don’t put everyone in the same style and pose – it needs to feel natural and good and real for you.?

What should you wear? How do you keep it elegant, classy and beautiful? Talk with your photographer about all this – and we will guide you through planning and prep.? Below are some ideas and inspiration about how to plan for and what to expect if you decide you?re feeling brave and ready to book your bridal boudoir session.??

Bridal imagery tends to be white, ivory, white, blush and more white. Right? If those bridal-y tones feel right to you, start planning your colors there.? Of course, black lingerie is always a classic. And we also love navy if you want darker.?

A lot of bridal boudoir sessions are light and airy, soft and feminine. Flowing fabrics and sheer veils.? And if that feels right for you – let?s do it! If that?s not what speaks to your sensual self, listen to your body and choose something else that does.?

Accessories For Bridal Boudoir Shoots

Boudoir wedding photos are the perfect opportunity to get some amazing details of jewelry, especially if it was given by your partner. Pack your favorite pieces – things you wear every day or things you wear on special occasions.? Don?t forget your wedding veil, headpiece, or special jewelry you?re wearing at the wedding.?


Jewelry Ideas:

  • Necklace
  • Rhinestones
  • Engagement Ring
  • Earrings
  • Pearls (Faux Pearls)


Headpiece Ideas:

  • Wedding veil
  • Floral headpiece
  • Jeweled hairpins
  • Vintage-inspired hair combs


Be True to You

Make it about who YOU are.? You are loved. For the person you actually are. And your bridal boudoir session should honor that. ?All of us deserve to look and feel beautiful in our own skin.? Here are some ideas to feel amazing about yourself.? Choose what resonates with you.??

Personalize It

Bring something specific to _your_ relationship. Something that shows your personality. This may be a piece of your partner?s clothing, a piece of jewelry or a scarf that you were given by your partner, or anything else that is a symbol (private or not) of your relationship.?

Something New

Consider buying something new that speaks to this brave moment in your life as you step into this new chapter.? You may have brand new lingerie from a bridal shower. Wear what you feel amazing in.?


Wedding and bridal boudoir is almost always intended to be a gift for your partner.? And wedding boudoir albums are at the top of the list for gifting boudoir options. Albums are an ideal way to share images that can celebrate the different sides of you. We plan and shoot for variety, to get images from just one bridal boudoir session that are modest, sensual, flirty, daring, coy, and strong.

If you get one thing out of reading this guide to wedding boudoir – remember that laughing is sexy and that best thing you can wear is confidence.

Boston Bridal Boudoir Photos


How Does a Bridal Boudoir Photo Session Work?

When you book a bridal boudoir session with Modern Muse, we start with a conversation and a questionnaire so we get to know who you are and want you to want out the bridal boudoir experience.? We take into account your own style, requests and the ultimate presentation of the image – usually a boudoir book to give.?

If you are feeling curious about booking a shoot email me now for more ideas about your bridal boudoir portraits in Boston.?