November 8, 2016


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Telling Outtakes From Family Portrait Sessions

child meltdown family photography session Boston

Last month we had a bunch of family mini sessions in Boston. These are some of my favorite moments from those mini sessions. 

The journalist in me feels the need to keep these gems. Are these the decisive moment?  They just may be. These are the moments that complete the story.  Micro-moments that collectively give a full accounting of who we all are. 

While I understand the desire to have a portrait of your family, and of yourself, to display that shows a calm and peaceful reflection of you all at your best.  I also love these raw emotional moments too. 

Shooting Through the Fuss

toddler squirm Boston family portrait photography

Sometimes clients will grudgingly admit they love the chaos.  Deciding to embrace the chaos seems to be the only way to deal with it.  These clients, like me, enjoy seeing the flip side of family photography.  Life as we experience it.  My family portrait philosophy? Let them cry and wiggle and laugh.  Allow them to experience whatever emotion is coming up – it will pass. And likely quickly.  This is who they are at this point in time.  I can?t change that.  I can be ready for the passing moments of serenity – but truthfully it?s the heightened emotion that I also love.

Let Your Kids Be Themselves In Family Portraits

funny face family photographer boston

It may take a while, and I willing to wait.  When family portraits sessions begin, everyone has usually just gotten out of the car and are ready to get it over with already.  This means your camera gets that exaggerated and forced smile that kids put on whenever a camera, or at this point in technology a phone, is pointed at them.  

forced smile boston family portrait photography

After 15 or so minutes, everyone relaxes and that?s when the natural relaxed real smiles come out.  See this before and after.  Beautiful family – siblings that seemed to genuinely get along.  At the beginning  they look cute.  They are cooperating and smiling and looking at the camera. 15 Minutes, and a little playing in the park later, here they are – I love these later portraits. 

boy in tree outdoor portrait photography families Boston

tree climbing family portrait documentary photography boston

Telling Your Family Story in Photographs

toddler carefully walking up stairs boston family portrait documentary photography

child meltdown during Boston ma family portrait session

And it isn?t all perfect.  I leave these hilarious outtakes in your gallery – because I hope that you enjoy them too.  I hope that you see these as a record of this specific day, of this time in your life.  The best moments capture you as you are.

motherhood nursing child with family dog on couch boston

Some of my favorite images from newborn sessions are the quiet moments when they are feeding.  Of course there?s the quiet, as nursing is usually preceded by a loud announcement of hunger.  But it?s also an unguarded moment of mother and child.

crying baby family portrait documentary photographer Boston