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June 6, 2017
WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY QUESTIONS TO ASKWedding planning guides, and wedding planning websites, suggest some standard questions. ...
March 7, 2017
Wedding FAQ: Family Formals
I admit that posing for formals are not everyone?s favorite moment of the wedding day celebrations. Bit - It is record making in a classic form and I do think it is important.  Wedding formals are the only time during the day when I tell you what to do and where to stand.  The rest of the day I?m reacting to what?s unfolding.I?m using the word family is a very loosely here.  I consider family to be inclusive of whoever is in your inner circle (be they biological or logical family).I want to make this as quick and painless as possible.  I want you to spend happy times with your friends and family and with each other - not endlessly lining up for posed portraits.  In order to make that happen (quickly and painlessly) I ask that everyone who is in the pictures know before hand where and when they are to show up ready.