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August 16, 2016
Poole Forge Wedding Photography
When a dear childhood friend calls and asks you if you?d come to Pennsylvania to photograph her wedding - you jump at the chance to say yes!  With a covered bridge, perfect picnicking lawns and gardens and an awesome 1700?s stone mansion,  Poole Forge was a beautiful venue for a wedding.  It was a DIY wedding - and when I arrived the groom was busy making bouquets.  He smiled and laughed, explaining that you can learn a lot from YouTube.  They married themselves in a self-uniting ceremony.  What?s that?  Self-uniting is when a couple are married without the presence of a third-party.  Most states don?t acknowledge self-uniting marriage, but Pennsylvania (Wisconsin, Colorado and DC too) does.  How do you do it?  You exchange rings and vows before family and friends in a secular ceremony.  How?s that for DIY???