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December 12, 2017
south boston family photographer documentary snow day winter outdoor
Our Own Family Snow Day! Leonardo’s First Sled Ride
Sunday I heard Papa utter words I never hear between October and May, when he is mostly and indoor cat. Let's go out to play! My...
December 5, 2017
family photo first Christmas tree
approaching 9 months
The Holiday season is officially upon us.? One, or in our case three, Thanksgivings under our belts and family Hanukkah and Chris...
Parenthood: Considering the Future
Sharing a few family portraits from our first weeks together as a newly minted family.  My phone seems to be the easiest camera that I can operate while simultaneously feeding or holding baby.  And the pictures from the phone so far are pretty great.  Captured, with my DSLR,  some images but loving particularly the image below of The Engineer playing music for us in the afternoon sunshine. 
a little summer break
In early July, the engineer and I spend a few quiet days in a cabin on a lake up in Ontario.  A few tranquil moments here.  It was a beautiful week, warm and breezy.  With a few books and a few bathing suits, we settled into an easy routine of a morning swim around the island, breakfast, reading, napping, boating and snacking.   It was a time to regather and sit in contemplation, to both grieve for a recent loss and treasure what we do have. 
A Summer Sunset
A rare Saturday in June that I don't have to work, which means I put that free time to good use. ?A beach day with one of my oldes...