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December 20, 2016
Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy Wedding Album!
Returning for a bit to this beautiful wedding at the Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy.  It was a colder and rainier than expected day, but everyone was in full spirits the whole day.  Sharing a few more of my favorite images and some of the pages from their beautiful wedding album.  Getting physical  - Not digitalRemember that interacting with something tangible and physical is different than scrolling through a gallery on your phone.  Imagine holding a beautifully bound wedding albums in your hands.  This is an object that you don't have to plug in or charge to look through.  This wedding album will be treasured as future generations handle it with love and wonder.  You'll be glad that you have it.  To hold, to look at, to hold your memories. If you only got digitals and want to get the ball rolling on your wedding album, start by favoriting your must-haves in your gallery.  Submit those favorites to me, and we begin from there.  Want to hold and to touch examples? Let's set a date this January to start planning and designing the best album for you.  My annual call is back:Bring back the physical object!  Save and treasure love notes!  Print and frame images of the people you care about! Experience memories without ?screen time.? Be thoughtful about how we vision our lives! Care for, and create lovingly, our own history!
October 18, 2016
Duxbury Bay Maritime Academy Wedding Sneak Peek
FIRST LOOK WEDDING PHOTOSThis fearless bride was game to stick to our plan of first look at Powder Point in Duxbury, despite the 3...