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January 5, 2012
Boston Portrait Photography | Cousins at Play
Three cousins.?Two siblings.?One dog that mostly managed to escape the lens.
December 26, 2011
Boston Portrait Photography | Fenway
Back when there were still some leaves fluttering about, I did yet another portrait session in the Fens. ?I know, I know - my life...
and more dogs at the park
As part of his wife's suprise birthday, my friend Tim asked me to make some portraits of their two English bulldogs. ?To say they ...
November 17, 2011
Boston Engagement Photography | Fenway {2!}
Oh, that's right. Another couple from the dog park went and got themselves engaged. On a trip to Italy. Pretty romantical, guys. F...
November 2, 2011
Boston Engagement Photography | Fenway
The first time I hung out with J, we watched a huge thunderstorm from the entry way to our building. We had a beer and watched som...