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April 26, 2016
Cambridge City Hall Wedding | Center Street Cafe Luncheon
Wedding ceremony was held in Cambridge City Hall Chambers.  Winter still has a hold on April in Boston, and while it seemed the sun wanted to come out, it only flirted with us for a few moments before ducking back behind a curtain of grey clouds.  We kept most of their portraits indoors.  They chose not to purchase anything new for the wedding, and forewent flowers as well.  The bride wore one of her favorite dresses, and the groom paired a collared shirt with a tie and donned a leather sport coat.  They each wore sunglasses and with the bride?s trench coat they looked a little like a pair of detectives who had slipped away for a lunchtime elopement.
January 21, 2016
Micro Wedding | Cambridge City Hall
Here's another beautiful little two person (plus me the wedding photographer and the officiant which I guess technically makes it four persons) from City Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts.