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February 27, 2018
A Video! Behind the Scenes with Me
This one has been quite some time in the making, and in finally sharing!? I was able to work with my friend and neighbor Kevin at ...
February 7, 2017
Review: Sleeklens Lightroom Presets
To illuminate a little of my behind the scenes workflow, my usual post shoot routine is to download my raw files right into Photo Mechanic where I rename files and flag the keepers. From there the keeper are imported to Lightroom for lens and camera profile adjustments and basic edits; primarily color and exposure corrections. On export, some (my studio favorites) get a further gentle tweak in Alien Skin Exposure 10. And a few more get polished within Photoshop.  I haven?t used much of the Lightroom?s preset capability in a while, so I was interested to explore the Sleeklens presets when they asked me to do a review of their Forever Thine Wedding Workflow.Their Forever Thine collection includes Lightroom presets and brushes.  And oh was I excited to play with the brushes.  Brushes, radial and graduated filters are some of my favorite LR features.