Want to remember the smell of hair, the weight of their bodies in your arms when they fell asleep, the sound of their laughter, the enthusiasm of their victories? Are you getting those memories from the images on your iphone? Are you even in those pictures? Shouldn’t you be?

What if you had beautiful images of you and your family that you could see every day? To have portraits on your walls that honestly reflect the love you have for each other? Family photographs that show just how truly wonderful (and silly and weird) your family is.

I ALSO want you to have these images. And I want your kids to have these images and remember what a beautiful and loving home was made for them.

Our play-based family portrait sessions are child-led and are actually FUN.

Imagine a family photo session where your real life and real connection is front and center. This is your real history. There is no need to pretend perfection. Can you laugh at and embrace the chaos of family?

Ars Magna Studio specializes in child-led and play-based family portrait sessions in Boston, the Berkshires and Canaan, NY.

Ready to capture those memories?