Adventure Sessions

Adventure Sessions are for families who don?t like to sit still. ?Adventure sessions are fast paced. They are a fun a way to authentically capture the energy and love in your family; the dynamics of who you all are at this very moment. ?

Like all Ars Magna portraits, Adventure Sessions are child-led. This is not about performing “family” this is about checking into simply being together. That means I am? able to capture the things your family loves to do ? together. ?

Paired with the wild adventure are the quiet moments of connection. ?What makes you giggle and wonder? What touches your hearts?

Where should we go? Let’s give your children some agency in the process and have them help choose. Do you have a favorite dog park like Sheepfold? Does your family love early morning tide pool explorations at the beach? A scramble up the Blue Hills? Or are we looking for the perfect tree to practice climbing?

Many families choose Boston area locations for Adventure Sessions like the Arnold Arboretum, Fort Point, Castle Island, the Harbor Islands, and the North End. ?We will talk to plan the right place for your family to explore and have fun.