approaching 9 months

December 5, 2017

infant first Christmas treeinfant first Christmas tree stocking family photo first Christmas treeThe Holiday season is officially upon us.? One, or in our case three, Thanksgivings under our belts and family Hanukkah and Christmas festivities on the horizon.

Nardito is more charming and fun every day, as you can see from the images here – he’s pretty adorable.? He is most definitely a people person. One of his favorite activities this month is patrolling the hallways of Midway on his push car and saying hello to our neighbors.

Holidays feel different this year.? Over the last year, watching this little one grow and learn, I have rediscovered delight in the simplest of things – wind blowing, dogs sneezing, lights sparkling.? It’s contagious, this curiosity and wonder.? And my long dormant holiday spirit has been rekindled.

We have begun to build own family holiday traditions.? Beginning with sorting out which of our respective family traditions do we continue to honor and which ones will be build ourselves? Clearly the mornings of panettone is one that we will make our very own.? The ideal way to begin a day of memory making.

We opted for hosting this year, which is be a first.? It’s been a very long time (maybe a decade?) since I had a Christmas tree.? It’s been magical to see it every night over the last week.

Do we go all out on a holiday card?? I mean this kid is pretty adorable and at my disposal.? Can I keep myself from continuing to squeeze him into this adorable Hanna Anderson pjs (pictured above) so he looks like a little Christmas elf?? Is this why his ears are so notable?

Which pictures do we have printed and framed?? This is a big one – there’s room in Nardito’s bedroom for lots of artwork.