Connection is at the core of my work as a photographer.

You are a rare bird? You follow your own path? You dream big.

If you are motivated by likes on IG or fb, then this is not for you. If you are price shopping, this isn't for you. If all you just want grip and grins - this isn't for you.

Even if our milestone moments are similar (commitments, arrivals, triumphs, transitions) the specifics are as individual as we are ourselves. As your photographer, we bear witness to these moments both big and small; moments that are rare and precious. Time that you will love reliving.

Be present. Be brave.

You live with purpose. You adventure. You are yourself, always. You celebrate in your own ways. ?You care lovingly for the people in your life, including yourself.

You are a rare bird. ?You follow your own path. ?You dream big.

You are in love with your life.

And we love that.

This isn't about looking perfect. This is about embracing yourselves.

picturing your history

The Process

First, We Talk

We start by talking: understanding personalities, sharing stories and relationships you want to honor and remember. We start by imagining a portrait session that captures connection.

It's all about uncovering what's most important to you and what you would love to display in your home. We decide is an adventure session or playdate session works best for you. We go over what to expect, what to wear, what to bring.


Camera Time!

This is the fun part - the part where you get to spend time together.

The photographic session is all about capturing the play, the chaos, the connection and the love that shine within your home every single day. We use the conversation we had earlier to highlight the stories we talked about during our first call. We typically plan for about an hour for each session and always break for snacks if necessary.


Reveal & Artwork

This is when you get to see all the things we shared in conversation and you felt when you were together - so of course, this is the most exciting part! It's time to feel all the feels and fall in love all over again. You choose the images that resonate and tell your story the absolute best - and ones that will look incredible in your home.




Books that will inspire you


Books that will inspire you


Books that will inspire you


Books that will inspire you

Behind the Scenes -f Juan Carlos and Allison Portrait Session in the Seaport


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