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Wedding & Couples Photographer

What's my favorite moment at a shoot?

There are really too many to count - but they always include honest and authentic emotions. No pretending. No pretense. No pageantry. Just you being fully present in your life.

I never thought I'd be such a crier at other people's weddings, but apparently here I am with my heart on my sleeve feeling all the feels right along with you. In the moment, thoroughly feeling what it is to be alive and determined to be witness to the love stories unfolding around me.

All Of this Falls uNDER BLISSWORK.

WHICH pretty much sums up what I do.

No pretending.


No pretense.


The Vision

Even if our milestone human moments are similar, the specifics are as individual as we are ourselves.

As your photographer, I bear witness to these moments both big and small; moments that are rare and precious.

Moments that you will love reliving.

No pageantry.


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