A Week in SF

April 10, 2018

The last week of March I spend in San Francisco.? It has been nearly ten years since I left.? Much has changed.? Much has not.? I went out there specifically to be part of the live audience of Creative Live‘s Social Media Week.? In addition to being one of my favorite ways of learning from my photo industry educators, CreativeLive is an web-based ed broadcast where you can take live classes anywhere in the world.? I attended a full week of classes at their SF headquarters.? We spent each day in the studio learning from amazing instructors who are experts on their respective digital platforms.? So now I understand when and why to use FacebookLive, IG Stories and how much fun Snapchat can be.

The Engineer asked me if I really needed to go out to be there in person.? He was curious if it was worth it – I knew that it would be and it certainly was.? I was chosen to be one of the 30 live audience members from a pool of almost 200.? And I knew that it would be more than just taking in knowledge. It would be a time and space for me to fully connect with what I was learning, to connect and process all the information with my classmates (who have become friends!) and also to reconnect with my SF friends (out every night for a catching up dinner while I was there).

It helped synthesize the days courses that my SF friends are primarily working in the tech world and had a different understanding of how FB views ads for example, or what Uber is really up to (their latest acquisition).? I spent most of the time between the Mission, where I was staying with friends, and the CL studio.

Being a live audience member was an incredible experience.? Our mama bear for the week was Mariangela Abeo, who made sure we were all fed breakfast, snacks, lunches.? Oh, and also chocolates and drinks wrap party each day.? She facilitated a week of friendships and connections and made the everything appear seamless.? Though I know the production team did a tremendous amount of work we never witnessed.

But as you know, I am a people person – and the people I met were wonderful.? A few of us took an afternoon to go up to the Marin headlands and enjoy the sunshine.? Iphone portraits of a few of my CL SMW18 classmates below.? I am just loving the portrait mode.? I never even got out my dslr.? Imagine!

Monique Johnson of Live Video Lab in Atlanta.? She is the Facebook Live Guru.? And she’s game for an impromptu portrait session at the Golden Gate Bridge!

Joshua Proto of Donor Bridge in Portland, Oregon.? We breakfasted over great conversations about social enterprise and homelessness and gentrification.

Dr. Riva Z. Robinson of Riva Wellness.?Subscribe to her Youtube channel where she drops a new video every week on wellness, nutrition and workouts.

Model Isa Griffin of California – check her out on IG, at the beach or in the sidecars of motorcycles.?


And one Isa took of me in the field of lillies!