Engagement Portraits at Settler’s Crossing

July 25, 2017

Engagement Photography at Settler’s Crossing

Many a love story begins in Boston. There are so many colleges and graduate programs here that are the setting for lifelong friendships and also for romance. This love story one began in Syracuse, in an Art History class.

Kara and Tim first met attending Ithaca College. ?They briefly dated and stayed friends throughout the rest of college and into the immediate post-college years. When Kara moved to Boston for grad school, their strong friendship evolved into a serious relationship. So serious that they are planning to tie the knot this fall in an outdoor ceremony at Settlers Crossing in Lunenberg, Massachusetts.

As they currently live in California, we met for the first time to do an mini engagement shoot and a venue walk through. ?They had mentioned how much they loved physical activity (biking, hiking, camping and exploring new places) so finding spots in the golf course setting seemed appropriate for these adventurers. ?We were handed a gorgeous day and while he were a bit early for magic hour, the light was lovely and the grounds were ideal.

Kara has an online and pop-up thrift store and Tim is her photographer. ?They were looking forward to their engagement shoot so they would get comfortable being both in front of the camera. ?They were amazing – easily showing how much they care for each other.

We may have inadvertently stepped into a patch of poison ivy. ?I was so busy shooting that I didn’t look down. ?Tim and Kara took charge and I was sent home with decontaminated feet and an extra pair of Kara’s shoes. She is, as Tim described her, kind and thoughtful.

I’m looking forward to their wedding at Settlers Crossing in Lunenberg in the fall.