Review: Basic Invite Birth Announcement

January 24, 2017

Custom Birth Announcements

Coming out of family portrait season, I?ve been photographing a lot of families and newborns recently. And since we are expecting one ourselves soon, I?ve been thinking about a beautiful way to send out the birth announcement. While sharing on facebook is instant and easy, I?d rather have something tangible and special to share.

With all the massive change afoot in our lives, we never got around to sending out a holiday card – though the ones we received were received with much joy.

Perfect timing when Basic Invite contacted me to do a review on their custom birth announcement cards.  I went to their website to check them out.  They?ve got over 120 different birth announcement templates.  And I like a lot of them.  Plus I can further customize the templates by changing colors, text and adding more image or text to the back of the card. I can also choose the color or patterns of the envelope liner and the color of the envelope. And I can get a printed sample before I order the whole lot? 

I?m sold.

Luxury. Mail. Experience.

Snail Mail and the Joy of the Physical Object

It?s wonderful to receive a handwritten letter.  A pop of color in the stack of junk mail and bills – this is one of the small joys of checking our mail room.  I used to write a lot of handwritten letters, and these make me want to do it again.  Thanking people who have made a difference in my life, through support and friendship and mentoring.

Goes back to what I am always saying about getting things printed.  There is an aura to objects and something profoundly intangible about the tangible.  Being able to hold something in your hands, that has been held in the hands of someone you care about – there?s a translation of love in that exchange.  
I will also be ordering some thank you notes.

When baby arrives, and the newborn photos are taken and the announcement created – I?ll update this post with the actual one we chose.  Meanwhile, some examples.