Fun with Drones! | Boston Wedding Photography

September 6, 2016

shalin lui wedding photography

Doug, also known as the_mr01 in Instagram, assisted me at the Shalin Liu Performance Center wedding last month.  In addition to helping carry my bags, and arriving with ice cold bottled water, he was really there to take some drone images.  I asked Doug to shoot still photographs, but he can also shoot video.  

Most of the image are pretty much straight out of camera (or should I say straight out of drone), but I played a bit in post with the beach image above.  Something so dreamy about the long shadows and the last days of summer.  

shalin lui performance center rockport wedding photographer

Doug started with getting some establishing images of the Shalin Lui Performance Center from over the water.  It was a very bright and beautiful day in Rockport. 

rockport wedding photographer motif number one

He also came with us for the wedding couple portraits.  In the image above you can see me in my usual wedding pose – squatting in black.  Below is the image that I was taking.  It’s fun to see another view of the same moment, and also see myself at work.  

rockport wedding photographer motif number one

Below you can trace the path we took on our portrait walk through Rockport.  It looks like a smaller space from the bird’s eye view than it felt walking through the streets.  

rockport harbor wedding photography

This was my first experience having someone shoot drone images, and I loved it.  Even with my widest angle lens, there are things that I can’t capture like a drone can. 

shalin lui rockport wedding cocktail hour

Particularly cool with a venue like Shalin Liu on the water, where he can fly the drone out to capture the gorgeous coast.  Above is an image of the mocktail hour at the wedding.  Guests wer enjoying the evening sun and visiting before the dinner upstairs began. 

view from drone rockport massachusetts

rockport wedding photographer beach by drone

Some of the directly vertical images still give me vertigo. 

It was awesome to have Doug and his drone with us at the Shalin Lui wedding.  His set of images complimented what I was shooting on the ground.  The clients were in love with the venue, with it’s seaside location and asked me to frame the action in it’s context.  Having Doug and his drone with us helped me do that in a spectacular way.  I’m looking forward to working with him again this month at a wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Not only is Doug a great guy to have around, he’s a registered and licensed remote pilot!  There are a few FAA rules and he makes sure to follow them.   Interested in having Doug and his drone at your event?  You can find him on Instagram at the_mr01