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September 13, 2016

Fall Portraits in Boston

This morning I had to dig out a sweatshirt to walk the dog.  A sweatshirt! it was a chilly 61 degrees on the waterfront.  It?ll go up to 80 later, as it?s September in Boston and we can’t be expected to wear the same thing all day long.  But we all know the change in season is coming.  You can feel and smell the crisp air returning. 

Especially with this beautiful summer weather we?ve enjoyed has lingered into September.  It?s true. School has begun.  Apples are on sale at the grocery.  Pumpkin flavors are appearing at our local cafe. 

Winter is coming.  But not quite yet.  We still have a several weeks of gorgeous New England fall weather. Let?s make the most of it. Let?s make family photos!

Boston Family Portrait Cambridge toddler

Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions

Once or twice I a year I offer mini session promotion.  What?s the difference between a mini session and a regular full session?  And which one is best for you?

boston family portrait photography in home session

Mini sessions are a quick way to capture some of your family dynamic. Do you want a few images to specifically document an event (new family member? Need a holiday card?) or are you on a limited budget this year?  A mini session might be a good option.  Mini sessions are scheduled by the studio at a predetermined location and time.  They are usually around 25 minutes and are booked on a first come, first served basis.  I present you with at least 15 beautiful images from your session in a gallery where you can order your favorite images.  Mini sessions allow Ars Magna clients to book multiple times in the year so you have the beautiful photographic evidence for how fast children grow.  Mini sessions are also a wonderful way for new clients to experience working with me and Ars Magna.

Boston Family photographer newborn siblings

Full sessions are longer and we?ll make a wider variety of images.  You choose the time and the location that works for your family.  We shoot for a longer time, 60-90 minutes, and our full product menu is available for purchase (for things like albums! And canvases!).  A full session is fully customized for you and your family, and we?re able to give you all the attention to detail you need.  

Have a big family, with multiple generations or extended families? Or do you have a big imagination?  Want to create a custom and intricate birth announcement?  This is what full sessions are for.  

Boston Family Portrait Photography sisters

In the Wild vs In The Studio

In or out?

boston family photography with pets

A client recently told me she and her husband, parents of twin girls, have just embraced the new chaos of their lives. And they love it.  While she liked the studio look, it wasn?t fully reflective of how she wanted to remember this stage of their family.  She opted to have a full session shot at their home.  Do you prefer to be photographed in your own habitat?  Or in the great outdoors?  Or in a place that has special meaning to you? Then you want to be photographed in the ?wild.?

boston studio family photograpehr

Other clients like the look of a clean studio background, and want a more contained experience.  Environment, the background, gives context to the images.  Studio session can be great to focus on just the subject (something I do a lot with my Modern Glamour work). We have control of the background and the lighting.  There are less distractions and more privacy.  And we aren?t dependent on New England weather.

boston newborn family portrait charlestown?

boston studio family portrait photographer

Boston environmental family photography

Mini Sessions Fall 2016

In New England, the fall is the top time of year to take outdoor family portraits. Everyone loves the wash of colors, and my cameras are no exception. It is a favorite time of year to gather outside and enjoy time together in our beautiful city.

Ready to get your family together?

Our  Fall 2016 Mini Sessions include

a pdf explaining how to prepare/what to wear/what to bring/what to expect

a 25 minute photo session for your family member (human or animal)

an online gallery with at least 15 beautiful images from your session where you can order your favorite images

Questions?  Just ask!

If you are interested in a family portrait session? Email me here. We can speak by phone to discuss your needs and determine if the full or mini session is the right experience for you.