Boston North End Engagement Photography

June 22, 2016

Engagement portrait sessions are a lot of fun.  They give us all a chance to learn about each other – you see how I work, I see how you are with each other, we get to be friends and build rapport before your wedding day.  There are also tangible results – beautiful images that are part of your love story.  For Moriah and Jon’s engagement sessions, we shot in and around their neighborhood in some of their favorite places, with the environment telling part of their love story.  They loved the camera, being both playful and romantic and absolutely in love.  

began in their apartment, rare gem of multiple rooms and light on three side in Boston’ North End.  A few final touches, including a swig of cold brew ice coffee and we were out the door.  We wanted to use the waterfront, the cobblestones, the bridges, the cement all of the textures of living in the city.  

Wandering along the waterfront, under the bridge, along the path that Jon takes to work on his bike.  I found it surprisingly tranquil under there while the traffic soared above out heads. 

It’s easy to tell how gorgeous the weather was this morning in June.  Wearing ivory and white, they stood out against the both the urban environment and the greenery in the park. 

Before summer gets fully underway (though this last stretch of days proves that it already is) , I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs from Moriah and Jon’s Engagement Session in Boston’s North End.  My cameras and I will be once again with these lovebirds when they say their vows at the First Parish Church this fall.   We had a great time on a perfect weekday morning.   Can?t wait for September!