Double Mother’s Day | Boston Family Portraits

May 6, 2016

Two of my favorite brides of all time, these beautiful new moms welcomed their daughter last week.  Strong and healthy, she weighed in at 10 pounds and six ounces.  This little girl was already nearly holding her own head up and aiming to crawl. We quickly assessed that our initial ideas of a curled up baby in a blanket were not going to be realized.  

i went to their home, where they were recuperating, taking family leave and learning their new routines.  This is a beautiful moment to document, as they learn how to be family.  

The dog wasn’t quite sure what to make of these changes, so she stayed curled up in her own bed.  


I usually pack a macro lens, so I get get in quite close to capture the tiny hands, little feet, those adorable baby fat rolls and their perfect little faces.  Q was learning how to self soothe, her thumb eventually finding its way into her mouth.  

After a quick tour to scout light, I set up a small space to work. Newborns are usually quite small – natural light studios can be created in small corners.  Here’s the nursery

I always want to harness as much natural light as possible.  Even on a grey day the light coming in through windows. 


With a new child, as you start to find the rhythms of your new life, environmental portraits tell the story of this new chapter.  In my location family portrait sessions, I capture what’s happening that day.  Like feeding, changing, and giant sneezes.  It’s all part of the real love story of your family. 

Welcome to Earth, little Q!  We are so glad to have you.  Blessed with two amazing moms to guide you, you are one blessed little girl.