Lyman Estate Wedding | Second Shooting Fun

June 1, 2016

lyman estate wedding photography

soft light and reflections in the Lyman Estate Billiard Room


Being open to new opportunities, embracing new people, and new things take fearlessness.  And as a member of Fearless Photographers, being exposed to stunning, arresting, and emotion driven imagery, I can embrace those new opportunities, meet new people and make connections through an inspiring community.  Last month I was thrilled to work with the talented and compelling image-maker and destination photographer Cassie Rosch

Working with Cassie was awesome!  Watching her conjure her magic; finding light and coaxing it to fit her vision was inspiring.  She is fearless and it was magnetic.  

Two of the many reasons I love my job:

  • connecting and working with amazing image-makers
  • standing witness to pivotal moments in the human experience

lyman estate waltham wedding photographer

I have always enjoyed connecting with other photographers, learning from them and working with them to achieve their vision.  When I work as a second shooter, I am at the the periphery of the main action, catching the moments of reaction, looking for new ways to see and record.  Deferring to the primary shooter, second shooters operate on a different axis of view – and it is a awesome challenge to flex one’s vision and work to complement what the primary is capturing.

lyman estate wedding first look

Groom waiting under the tree for the first look before the ceremony.

lyman estate wedding first look bride

Bride approaching the first look. 


Lyman Estate Wedding Photography?

Cassie had flown in from her home base of Colorado for a wedding at Lyman Estate.  It’s a beautiful venue for a classic New England wedding, a historic home in Waltham.  With it’s lawns, it’s flowering trees, it’s garden and historic greenhouses, we have an ideal setting for an elegant New England wedding.  It’s also a venue that really can use a second photographer.  Indoor receptions happen through network of smaller rooms, which means that guests are spread out in a series of rooms and there isn’t a line of sight for one photographer to see everything that’s happening.  

Lyman Estate Greenhouse bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet in the greenhouse

Lyman Estate Wedding Portrait

A drizzle of rain brought us inside.  So we used the gorgeous window light to continue the portrait session with the bride and groom. 

Lyman Estate rainy day wedding

Lyman Estate Billiard Room Wedding Photography

Groom in the billiard room.  Notice the cupid above his head! 

Lyman Estate Bridal Suite Wedding Photography

In the bridal suite, getting finishing touches

chinese tea ceremony

Before their Christian ceremony the couple chose to honor their Chinese heritage with a traditional tea ceremony.  Intended as a show of gratitude, honor and respect for the family, the wedding couple serves tea to each set of parents.  Just the immeadiate family was present. And, of course, the photographers and videographers. 

tea ceremony lyman estate wedding

tea ceremony lyman estate wedding photographer

Lyman Estate Wedding Tea Ceremony

Lyman Estate Wedding Tea Ceremony?


Surrounding the old mansion is a stunning green lawn.  The ceremony was held there, the bridal party taking the path from the porch to the ceremony site.   Lifting their voices up in song and in prayer, the couple’s deeply felt spiritual beliefs lay a meaningful and beautiful foundation for their union. 

Lyman Estate ourdoor wedding ceremony

the ring bearers attempting to stay on the path

outdoor ceremony lyman estate wedding flowers

lyman estate wedding ceremony

lyman estate ballroom wedding toasts

Guests gathering in the ballroom for a toast from the father of the bride.

Lyman estate wedding cake cutting kiss

This day was a reminder of many things: my job is a privilege. It requires being open.  It requires embracing new people and experiences.  It requires compassion and love.  It requires fearlessness.