Boston Family Photography | Three Generations

April 28, 2016

I am blown away. These came out better than I?d hoped. My mom looks radiant!!


Having former wedding photography clients return to be photographed again is a huge form of flattery.  I love hearing from former brides and grooms who have had another major milestone in their lives (this is mostly a new child, but sometimes a graduation or a big move – or a new puppy!).  They can document and commemorate this occasion by returning to their place as muse on front of my lens.  

This mother was married at Willowdale Estate a few years ago in a beautiful winter wedding.  She contacted me about doing a portrait session for her mom with her first granddaughter.  Her sister also came in for the weekend.

The pictures . . . are treasures! I can?t get over how beautiful they are. There?s an essence that I can?t describe, seeing us all together in our ages and stages. A moment in time for the generations – but one that leaves me committed to coming together again in the studio.

Radiant mother and her granddaughter. 

Look at this adorable face! She was in a great mood, full of giggles and smiles. 

These portraits will become part of the life of this child, a way to look back at her mother, her aunt and her grandmother. She can use this family portrait as a way to connect to her past.  A family portrait session is a gift that can connect us to our family’s past and to our future.  Having a family portrait made is a was to reinforce who we are and how we care for each other. 

Looking at these I remember how wonderful my job is – witnessing and documenting the life of a family.  We had a great time in the studio, catching up and creating these family portraits.

Mother’s Day is approaching. Now is the time to book a portrait session with your mom.  You know she’ll love it.