on a roll with the Mother & Daughter portraits

February 16, 2016

I’m looking forward to next summer when I get to shoot A’s wedding at Marianmade Farm in Maine! As she begins to plan her wedding, we’ve been meeting to catch up and plan for her dream shoot.  A’s mom was in town for the wedding expo and I invited them to stop by the new studio for a bit and we made these beautiful portraits of mother and daughter.  

These classic natural light portraits are timeless. I loved meeting my client’s mom and making these portraits as a record of this special moment in their lives.  They obviously have a strong relationship and enjoy spending time together.  This beautiful connection shines through with the simple bounced lighting, gray background and warm purple sweaters being your right to their lovely faces and their bright personalities. 

I’ve been really enjoying photographing mothers and daughters. Want to bring your mother or daughter or sister into the studio to capture this time? Thinking about cherishing a portrait of your loved ones?  Let me know, and I?ll put you on the calendar.