Mother, Daughters and Granddaughters | Generational Family Portrait

January 19, 2016

I?ve known this wonderful family for 26 years.  Margot and I met in the seventh grade and quickly became great friends.  She was the oldest of 4 and the entire family welcomed me into their circle immediately.  Warm, loving and always with a quick with a laugh – I adore this family.  They?ve grown to include two granddaughters who are equally wonderful.  The strength and backbone of all this love comes from their mother, Paula.  A second mother to me during our teenage years – a time I hope we can all look back upon with a sense of humor.


I love this family and these portraits! Lauren, the second oldest, helped organize. Paula asked her daughters to come as they are – she acknowledges and embraces their individuality – important in a family full of independent women. These women share a deep connection and strong sense of family.  Paula, together with her daughters and granddaughters, brought a wonderful and accepting energy.  A formal(ish) portrait like this works best with adults. Expecting little ones to stand and look with precision in unrealistic – as you can see from the hilarious outtakes.  

Want to bring your mother or daughter or sister into the studio to capture this time? Thinking about cherishing a portrait of your loved ones?  Let me know, and I?ll put you on the calendar.