More from Mother & Daughter Family Portrait Session

January 27, 2016

Here they are – the very first muses at the Midway studio! They even brought sparkling cider and orange juice (two of the party were underage) for a virgin mimosa to celebrate.  I also got a little bit of the family?s Christmas Black Cake.

I?ve been photographing these girls all their lives – really somewhere there is a roll of film (yes, film!) of maternity portraits of Jillian while pregnant with Zoe. I photographed their first communions.  Now Stephanie even works as my assistant on family shoots.  And now here they are, the two girls on the brink of adulthood, becoming more beautiful inside and out with each year that passes.  


A few months ago, Jillian requested a special portrait session with her two daughters, sensing this moment in their lives.  The girls agreed – and they were the very first portrait subjects I had at the new space.  While their dad and their giant goofball puppy hung out with Sadie on the other side of the room, we women worked on making a series of special portraits of this mother and her two beautiful teenage daughters.  

This kind of formal(ish) portrait works best with grown children. Expecting little ones to stand and look with precision in unrealistic.  I love these portraits! There are loving gestures and a closeness evident that celebrate the women in this family and their connection. A natural lighting setup and a simple background focuses the viewer on the faces, the personalities and the relationship among the women.

Jillian and her girls enjoyed their time together here at the Midway studio and I?m excited to share the images with them. Want to bring your mother or daughter or sister into the studio to capture this time? Thinking about cherishing a portrait of your loved ones?  Let me know, and I?ll put you on the calendar.