Mother & Daughter Family Portrait in the Studio

January 15, 2016

Welcome muses for the new studio! Here is something to hold on to, to remember, to hold dear.

This gorgeous mother of four brought her two daughters into our new Midway studio while they were all together over the holidays.  Generational portrait, somewhere between formal and informal.  Connected and loving – important visual piece of a family’s legacy.  Two daughters who are also two beautiful young women.  

Life moves quickly. When I asked Bethany, at a Christmas party if she and her two daughters might be up for coming into the new studio for a mother/daughter portrait.  She jumped at the opportunity to capture her daughters in this time as they grow up.

This kind of formal(ish) portrait works best with grown children. Expecting little ones to stand and look with precision in unrealistic.  I love these portraits! There are loving gestures and a closeness evident that celebrate the women in this family and their connection. The simple lighting setup (Natural daylight, north-ish facing windows and a giant reflector – love this lighting) and uncomplicated background allows us to focus on the faces, the kinship between the sisters, and between this mother and her daughters.

I hope that Bethany and her girls cherish both the time they spent together in the studio and the resulting images. And I hope that you think about making a portrait with your mother or daughters.