Bridal Boudoir Photography in Boston | client testamonial

July 29, 2015

Posting a few images from a recent bridal boudoir shoot from the Boston studio. ?Images are chosen/cropped for anonymity, which breaks my heart a little because this client?s smile was delightful and gorgeous. ?

Working with this beautiful women for her bridal boudoir shoot was wonderful. ?She committed to the experience and enjoyed herself throughout. ?She was brave and thoughtful and so much fun to photograph.

I love these images because the client embraced a few lovely, soft and feminine looks. ?From her pinterest board, and from our pre-session talks I knew she was drawn to clean, classic and elegant lingerie. ?And she brought it!

We wanted to allude to her upcoming wedding and one look she chose was all white lacey lingerie. The inverse of the all black look of garters and stockings. It?s romantic and classic and fun – a look that works really well with the veil. For the bridal boudoir component, ?M. brought in this fabulous (and ridiculously enormous!) veil. ?It was perfect to play with, wrap herself in to surround herself with white light. ??

The last look was plain white sheets, a simple and beautiful look that everyone can rock. ?With a tendril of hair falling across her face and window light across her shoulders ?- yow!

bonus: M. left us the veil at the studio. So if you are ready to book your bridal boudoir and want to see yourself in a floor length white veil – you can! ?

?At the end of the day, I am happy with my body and having this experience only made me realize how hard I am on myself…10 minutes with Allana and all that worry just went away.? The boudoir experience was empowering. At first this started out as a gift for my fianc?, but quickly became something I am proud that I did for myself. I am beyond happy that I did this.?

I created Modern Muse, Boston Fine Art Boudoir so that anyone can feel comfortable and confident getting sensual and timeless images made at this moment in their lives.