The Romance of Dad and Mom | Boston Family Portrait

June 19, 2015

Listening, as is my my Friday morning routine, to Pop Culture Happy Hour on our dog walk, I started thinking about Father’s Day in a different way. The second topic of this episode was Moms and Dads in Love. This recent family portrait session was ostensibly to document a major life milestone as their firstborn had graduated high school and is poised to head off into the world, or specifically the mountains of Vermont.  

Unlike their teenage children, this dad and mom clearly felt comfortable showing their love for each other in front of my camera.  In the wake of PCHH’s discussion of dads in love, here are a few gems of just dad and mom.  Married for over two decades and going strong as a loving team. 

 One of my favorite portraits of this high school senior below.  I’m quite you you will, as I did, appreciate the look of the 18 year old skeptic here.