Boston Family Photography | Visual Voice

May 8, 2015

From their lovely little Arboretum wedding five summer ago to two sons, two dogs and one baby-on-the-way later, I have been honored to be a long term family photographer with this beautiful and growing family.

Over the years, they moved from their cool loft in JP to a beautiful home in the woods.  We choose to meet at the middle at the sculpture garden of the Decordova, where the family has a membership. All of us, nanny included, were eager to embrace playing outdoors again.  What better family to play in the beginning of spring?

This family was game to participate in Visual Voice Family.  See images for their words.  

What is Visual Voice? The Visual Voice sessions are portrait sessions that include a written component.  It’s a chance to express and share your feelings towards each other in language as well as in the gestures and emotion of the photographs.
How does it work?  You answer a set of questions about your family, and mail the answers back to me.  We schedule, plan and have your portrait session.  Your responses get paired with images.  You receive a pictures only gallery as well as a gallery of select images that are paired with your words.