Music Mondays and DJour | Babe Without Trying

May 13, 2015

A series of playlists we will be sharing for your boudoir photography session, inspired by the Boudoir Style Archetype Inspiration Boards on Pinterest. Today?s Style Archetype is Babe Without Trying, which I nicked from a pinterest photo I found of the one and only Diana Ross looking absolutely fly in just jeans and a t-shirt. And also the attitude. That pretty much sells everything.  

Inspiration: you!

This is who you are in your easiest, most casual dreams.  Effortlesssly cool, beautiful, elegant.  It’s the perfect calculation of dishevelment and glamour.  Sounds contradictory, but it’s not quite.  Check out what’s happening with these babes on the Ars Magna Boudoir Style Archetype pinterest board

  • Ritual Union                                        Little Dragon

  • the Mother We Share                         CHVRCHES

  • Second Summer – RAC Remix            YACHT

  • 1998                                                      Chet Faker

  • Bloodstream                                         Stateless

  • Take Me Away                                      Wild Belle

  • Rill Rill                                                   Sleigh Bells

Playlist created by Nora Jordan of DJour Entertainment, Boston?s boutique all female DJ group.  Subscribe to this or any of her Spotify playlists here or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

sidenote: I felt pretty cool that this list was the list that I already had most of the tracks in rotation in my playlists.