Boston Engagement Photography | The Fells

April 22, 2015

Andrew and Sunday chose to do their engagement session at a place that means a lot to them. Somewhere they enjoy spending time together, the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Winchester. After a cool and rainy morning, the sun came out, the clouds parted and we were blessed with a beautiful early spring evening as we made out way through the Fells.  As you can see, we hit the light at just the perfect time. 

This love story began with a conversation at a fondue party.  A little over a year later and these two are wildly in love and united by faith.  And in July they will be united as husband and wife. With a shared devotion to ministry and spirituality, they radiate love and compassion. 

And humor. On our way out of the Fells, we pass by a rock at the shore of the reservoir. “There’s the rock!” Sunday points.  “What happened at that rock?,” I ask.  “Nothing,” she says. And then with a smirk, “Yet!”

Check out some of my favorite images of their Boston engagement session at the Fells. 


This is so awesome! I am so happy for you! Finding the one comes out of nowhere but it is awesome.

Aw! Yay!!! Love these!