cape wedding | window light

April 17, 2015

Springs days like this, which follow a few days of spectacular and seductive hints of the summer ahead, can feel a tiny bit discouraging.  But sometimes I love shooting on on these kind of cool, grey days.

There is still light.  It?s a softer, quieter light.  It?s lovely – and flattering.  Even though we photographers can talk ourselves dizzy about light – the light from a soft grey spring sky is quite lovely.  

And while we wouldn’t shoot entirely outdoors – it?s here inside with us, this soft and lovely light. It?s mostly indirect flirtations, peeking in through windows, bouncing against light walls, spilling in with a whisper.

With indoor weddings, carefully positioning the subjects, using as much of that soft lovely window light as I can before I pull out the flash.  

Above are a few images I shot at the Chatham Bars Inn last fall.  Outdoors, it was windy and brisk.  Indoors, it was gorgeous!