Boston Boudoir | Reclaiming One’s Self

April 10, 2015

From our pre shoot consultation I learned a great deal about this beautiful vibrant woman. ?A recent new mom, who has been struggling with the unexpected physical and psychological toll having a child and becoming a full time stay at home mom has taken. She bravely shared with me how she’s been meeting these new challenges; getting to know her changed body, her new life.

For her boudoir session her choice of wardrobe was?nearly all black – and in?great variety. ?She brought?black lace, a black?sheer blouse, black silk robe, black feathered cocktail dress?and a just few items of color (loved the faux fur stole she brought in that was a delicious contrast in texture to her skin.

For this woman, the color black signals a sexy and provocative elegance. ?The styles that she brought were definitely sexy. She chose to go elegant and feminine over girlish and cute. ??Definitely the right choice for her, at this moment staking claim in this new chapter in her life, as mother and woman. ?

?Oh my Lord! I love the pictures.

You are amazing and extremely talented. You definitely have that charm about you that makes people feel comfortable around you. You can coach them to their best and capture that hidden beauty that can?t be seen in the mirror.

Thank you for showing me something and someone I don?t see in the mirror every day. This is definitely the woman and not the mother!?

One of the reasons I started Modern Muse, Boston Fine Art Boudoir is for moms to remember what is like to be a woman!