Boston Strong | Fort Myers to Fenway

April 8, 2015

Our story begins with a wedding in 2012. With a twice rescheduled engagement session. With a perfect summer evening wedding. With tears of laughter and emotion. With a growing admiration and love for two people, two families, one beautiful love story. This is ideal story of building relationships with clients. Getting to really get to know them. Learning and then instinctively knowing their humor, the pulse of how they interact with each other. Finding out how much you like them as people. Wonderful and magnetic and generous caring people.

Tears returning when I hear that they were injured. And again when I get a phone call asking me to photograph their first look. And again, while pressing my body into the corner of a hospital room as one gurney gets rolled in and aligned parallel to the other. The camera becoming salty with tears. Overwhelmed by this access. This honor. This moment.

the instagram photo that got us the trip to Fort Myers thanks to Jet Blue
the instagram photo that got us the trip to Fort Myers thanks to Jet Blue

And then two years later, I was asked to photograph them again. This time to photograph them with their Boylston Street family at Fenway Park. Standing in left field as a flurry of wet snow announced that we were still in winter.  This coming together for a group photo serving to both take a picture and also to dedicate a positive time to be together.  To drink beer. To practice in the visitor?s batting cages. To catch up. To measure growth of children. To measure growth of strength.

We didn?t win the contest, but they sent us anyway.  Sunrise at Logan, the sun setting over the warm Florida evening in Fort Meyer as we got onto the plane home.  Our group of 20, service dogs in tow, had an truly extraordinary day.  We met Brock and Shane. Pedro came out, waved and threw out a ball. 

Being in left field of Fenway, getting a one in a lifetime trip to spring training – it all paled in comparison to knowing this group of people. 

Life goes on. In a powerful and fundamental way. It proceeds. With children and fiancees and wives and husbands and sisters and brothers. With love. 

Thanks to Jet Blue for everything!