How to use Pinterest before your boudoir session (without getting overwhelmed or lost)

March 27, 2015

Pinterest is an elegant (and addictive) tool for visual organizing. When planning a boudoir session, you can use it to find and assemble images, wardrobe and quotes and women that inspire you. ?There are so many different ways to look and feel beautiful; to be outrageously sexy. Pinterest can help you edit all those ideas down to the right ones for you.

When a client shares an inspiration board with me before the boudoir session, I can immediately understand what kind of boudoir shoot she is planning and hoping for. ?Then, using that board as a launch point, we can create her dream shoot together.

I?ve started a few boards – a few (of the many) archetypes of female beauty. ?You can use any of these Ars Magna Boudoir Style Archetype boards as a beginning, or if you are inspired you create, name and build ?your own boudoir inspiration board.

1. Discover the style of boudoir you love

Pinterest, and the internet as a whole, is a great place to start doing research. ?There are many types of boudoir. Pinup, glamour, fitness, etc. ?What feels right for you? ?Then find a photographer whose work reflects that style. ?You might not initially have the right vocabulary for what you are looking for, but you will know it when you see it. ?

2. Organize wardrobe for your boudoir shoot

Wardrobe for boudoir shoots goes way beyond bras and underwear. ?There?s shapewear, sleepwear, corsets, boy shorts, slips, robes, bodysuits, hosiery – the list can go on. ?Search for styles and options that reveal the parts you love about your body. ??My board Operation: Lingerie is the main Ars Magna Pinterest board for beautiful things that you can wear for a boudoir photography shoot. ?

You probably already have some of the things we recommend bringing in this illustrated boudoir wardrobe infographic.?

3. share your board with?your?photographer

Pinterest, as a tool, is great for mapping out your inspirations. ?Often, when looking at a client?s board, I can see what style of shoot she wants. ?From there I can choose what backgrounds, and props we need to make that dream shoot happen. ?As visual artists, photographers can read and translate in words and into the shoot itself what a client is looking for.

Most of my clients get an album with their boudoir session. An album, which by it?s nature is narrative, is the perfect place for a story to unfold. ?In a story there?s a beginning, middle and and end. That means we want to create a variety in wardrobe, lighting and backgrounds. Is there a story behind the images that can immerge when they are in a sequence? ?


actual client inspiration board actual client inspiration board

What I see: I can see that cowboy boots pop up a few times on this board. ?And tattoos!? I can tell that the woman who created this board?is drawn to a soft and feminine form. Only a few of the images show the face full on, there’s a lot of contrasting texture between loose natural?hair and soft skin. ?This is a beautiful collection of images of a quietly self-possessed and playful woman in her own space (bed/bedroom).

note: love that she puts in a book cover! ?I’ve had quite a few clients bring books as props to their shoots, which I?adore.

actual client inspiration board actual client inspiration board

What I see: Lots of gorgeous veil images. ?I know that this client is planning on presenting this book to her partner on their wedding day – so the veil and white bridal lingerie will be an important part of the boudoir shoot. She has chosen a clean?color palette limited to?white, black and red. ?Jewelry is minimal:?a simple long strand of white pearls.??There is a quiet modesty to the images that she’s chosen to pin. ?The woman are looking down at themselves or off camera – DvT being the exception. ?Most of the images are taken from a distance, with a longer lens.?I can see the style of shoot this client wants: soft lighting, modest, a little voyeuristic.


We won?t create an exact replica of another photographer?s image. And we don?t want to. Your shoot is about you. ?We will?use your Pinterest board as a seed?of inspiration to make our own amazing images.

?I created Modern Muse, Boston Fine Art Boudoir so that everyone can experience accepting and loving yourself. If you think that boudoir photography is something you would never do, think again.