What is sexy? What is beautiful? What is boudoir?

February 5, 2015

What is sexy? What is beautiful? What is boudoir?

You know, as well as I do, that all these ideas are completely subjective.

Recently my engineer boyfriend, between kisses, told me that I was an outrageously sexy woman.  An immediate sensation of blissed-out vanity ensued. Now, obviously, this a wonderful thing to hear your partner tell you. 

It’s not, of course, a blanket statement.  I know with certainty that I am not everyone’s idea of an outrageously sexy woman.  But I am his. And he sees me the way I like to imagine myself in the smoke and mirror of my own head.  So, to be truthful, that does make me feel like an outrageously sexy woman.  Strong and confident and loved.  

There are so many ways to feel sexy. It’s not just what other people say. It’s how you feel.  And here’s the thing about feeling sexy – there’s no one-size-fits-all beauty tutorial or prescription on how to be sexy.

That’s part of the challenge and fun of shooting boudoir photography.  We are each individually and outrageously sexy women.  For some women, what makes them feel outrageously sexy may be fantastical, for others it may be au naturel. It could be both, or anywhere in the gamut between.  

You have your own unique thing going on, that you dig.  And your partner digs it, too. Boudoir photography is a chance to embrace what makes you amazing. Boudoir photography is a chance to celebrate your outrageous sexiness.

Does thinking about doing a session freak you out? Think you can’t muster up the courage? I dare you.    

You live in your body.  Your partner loves your body.  Start from there.  Remind yourself that this is a celebration of you!   The embodied woman is a powerful woman is an outrageously sexy woman.

What makes you feel outrageously sexy? At your boudoir session, you will be able to define it. A professional photographer will guide you through the whole experience, coaching you into the best and fullest expression of yourself.   It is a powerful experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of your head and into your body.