Visual Voice Love Story | From Ditmas, With Love

February 3, 2015

Introducing The Visual Voice Love Story.   

In college, there was was a museum that I adored – Words and Pictures – I loved going there, exploring the world and possibility in narrative art and fell into a different, and powerful, form of storytelling. At some point, I wanted to study film – but I got stuck in stills, and have been pretty darn happy here ever since.  

After a decade of shooting, I asked myself: How to add a further dimension to the visual story I am creating with my clients?  I found the answer, not in finally using my DSLRs for video but in pairing clients words with the images I am making.  

Adding this personal dimension requires trust and being a little fearless.  This is for the brave.  But isn?t also marriage itself?  When we choose to marry, aren?t we entering into something that requires vulnerability and courage?   
First up for visual voice. You’ve seen this Brooklyn engagement session before, with my words.  And now they are with their own. This beautiful and brave couple brought emotion from humor to profound admiration and deep love.

What is Visual Voice? The Visual Voice sessions,are portrait sessions that include a written component.  It’s a chance to express and share your feelings towards each other in language as well as in the gestures and emotion of the photographs.

How does it work?  You and your partner will answer a set of questions independently, and mail the answers back to me.  We schedule, plan and have your engagement session.  I read through your responses and pair them with images.  You?ll get a pictures only gallery as well as a gallery of select images that are paired with words.

Want to book your Visual Voice Love Story?  Don’t be shy. Let’s do it!  


This is beautiful Allana! Such a lovely concept!