Boston Boudoir | Before and After

February 20, 2015

Dynamo.  I met Kristin, who is THE kick-ass photographer for the modern and edgy wedding couple, and got to know her awesome blend of loving honesty and fierce approach to life through Boston photography world gatherings.  She?s been toying around with the idea of doing a shoot with me for some time.  I thought she?d enjoy coming in to participate in this little before and after mini-marathon that Jillian and I organized.  

And we were so very glad she joined us.  Kristin already has a beautiful complexion, and a fearless attitude.  Mom of two, entrepreneur, community builder through image making with Autism Speaks and, all things considered, seemingly tireless in her enthusiasm and energy.  At 47, she?s luminous.  Don?t you agree?

Boudoir photography is about celebrating and a playing up your best features – highlighting your natural beauty. Jillian Donovan created this look for Kristin.   Jillian wanted to create a soft and youthful look for Kristin, who was coming from a client meeting and heading back to meet her family.  To bring out her beautiful green eyes, Jillian chose colors to make them pop. She also used pearl light reflecting products to create light, soft and brightening illusion around the eyes.  And kept her lips soft in color. 

On my end, I kept going with Jillian’s impulse towards pearly highlights with the high key feel to this After image.  


Jillian Donovan is a Boston make up artist that I love working with.  Check out her Faces By Jillian page!