Melting a little Ice with Memories of Jamaica

February 26, 2015

It’s becoming apparent that I don’t have a very good memory. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with photography. I find it so much easier to access memories through journals and images. Alas, along with having a poor memory, I also have a sporadic journaling history.  So when overwhelmed with the loveliness of a particular moment, I make an effort cement them in my mind. I slowdown to explore all of my senses: feel the temperature of the air on my skin, the way the ground beneath me gives or doesn’t give, take note of any aromas I inhale, feel the wind or the sun on my face.  It’s these indelible moments that I can return to.

And as we are bitterly crunching our way through our fourth subzero week of subzero weather, it seems like the using this chance to use some images to remember an indelible wedding I photographed in Jamaica last fall. A wedding full of particularly lovely moments.A fantastic four days where we felt welcomed and warmly embraced by the friends and family that joined them at their wedding celebration.

This destination wedding was small and intimate but the party was wild and fun. Sandals Ocho Rios took care of pretty much everything, from our amazing coordinator to the minister to the cake and the dinner.  The reggae band was brought in as a wedding gift from the de facto wedding party.  My favorite kind of gifts – experiential.  

And bonus! It was a couples resort, so The Engineer was able to attend, which that made it even more special. We had the chance to build a sincere friendship with Dana and Pete and their inner circles that flew down to celebrate. Dana and Pete are wonderful, in love, and truly unique people that I am so happy to have met, and honored to have captured a part of their lives together. 



I love being randomly reminded of this! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 xo