Wedding Albums, Tangible Connections

February 25, 2015

Another beautiful IRISbook album!  The beautiful bride from this wedding worked professionally as a bookbinder, and I was thrilled to have her choose this style album to showcase her wedding images. And because she loves gorgeous binding, she opted to add the matching clamshell box. This is something everyone should do.  🙂

Have you had the thrill of discovering an old photograph of someone in your family?  To stare at the young, unwrinkled face of your grandmother as a newlywed?  To imagine the world that existed outside of the frame at that very moment? The sounds of children playing, the scent of summertime at the sea, the feel of a nubby tweed or vinyl chair?  These are treasures. Something that was carefully placed in a box to be revealed at another time, for future you. Holding these object imparts a connection to your history. An important tangible connection.  Your grandmother?s hands, then young, held these very objects.  These photographs and announcements and newspaper clippings were cared for and thoughtfully saved.   

A quick reminder that is these album posts serves as my call to bring back the physical object!   We use photograph to reflect on and to understand ourselves. Treasure, in physical form, the images of your life.  They place us in time and in place. 

Bring back the physical object!  To save and treasure the love notes! To print and frame images of the people you care about! To look at them without ?screen time.? To assemble albums! To be thoughtful about how we vision our lives! To care for, and create, our own treasures!