Wedding Albums, Full of Aura

February 23, 2015

I had quite the fascinating little excursion to the NYPL while I was in New York.  I got there right in time to slide into the 30 minutes documentary explaining the various rooms and departments of the Library.  It was inspiring, the immense and stately building with the depth of historic objects that it houses. My live/work loft, while neither immense nor stately, also houses it?s own treasure trove of historic objects. As, I am sure, your homes do. Objects that speak to our lived lives.  

Much of what I do as a portrait and a wedding photographer is to help people picture their lives, their personal histories.  These photographic objects (framed prints on the wall, albums on your shelves, photographs under your fingertips) help you to understand and to know who you are, and where you came from.  Someday, not only will they give your descendant a personal connection to their the past, they give you a personal understanding and connection to yourself.  

Historic objects, the NYPL archivists explain, establish your place in the long arc of history. [what a wonderful phrase!] Physical objects are full or aura.  To hold and to feel the weight of them in your hands has emotional impact.  I couldn’t agree more.

To celebrate this I wanted to share with you two albums from two (favorite) weddings from IRISbook.  So excited to be using them.  Thanks to Kelly Benvenuto for showing me how gorgeous they can be.  

If you are present in your life. If you are in love and invested in your life and in the relationships in your life – these objects are part of constructing your personal narrative.

We use photography to reflect on and understand ourselves. Images that we take of our lives place us in time and in place.

This my call.

Bring back the physical object!  To save and treasure the love notes! To print and frame images of the people you care about! To look at them without ?screen time.?To assemble albums! To be thoughtful about how we vision our lives! To care for, and create, our own treasures!