Massive Project Undertaking and a first round of Winter Light Gems uncovered

February 19, 2015

I have been spending most of this month in Brooklyn. My plan was, in addition to visiting friends and museums, to do a deep dive portfolio review and reflection. For the website, for the new sample albums, for me to think about and understand what I see and how I see it.  These kind of deep portfolio reviews helps me to be intentional about making, and to harness the language to talk about how I shoot with clients.   

This is a herculean undertaking.  The process begins with the inevitable excitement of Massive Project Undertaking. I imagine discovering lost gems, happily realizing my own genius, finding award winning images and making myself both generally and specifically self-satisfied.  As you are likely to guess, Massive Project Undertaking never quite lives up to the internalized hype.

Like when packing your kitchen or deciding which lonely items of clothing languishing in the back of drawers or closet floors just need be donated once and for all, this process is longer and messier and more tedious than you think it will be. While Massive Project Undertaking is, in fact, underway, everything in your kitchen, your closet seems like it?s peaking on the Higher Order Taxonomy of Disasters.   Procrastination Troll appears. In my case, she appeared in the form of the first season of Jane the Virgin. (so. so. good.)

Yes, this messy second phase of Massive Project Undertaking is understandably and sadly a of revelation of drudgery.  But one sticks to it! Stick-to-itiveness is part of the creative process.

And so I did uncover some of those gems I had dreamt of.  Sharing a few with you today that are about winter light.