Visual Voice Love Story | Boston Engagement Portraits

February 17, 2015

Another visual voice session: This loving couple was completely game for Visual Voice. At first a little nervous, they focused on each other, on laughing and talking and enjoying themselves.  You can see how deeply they care about each other in the images; their own words underlining the emotion.

Originally posted without the text, we now have permission to share the images with their words.


Their response?  Exactly what I had hoped. “Wow. We are BEYOND satisfied! You did a great job, we love it! 

What is Visual Voice? The Visual Voice sessions are portrait sessions that include a written component.  It’s a chance to express and share your feelings towards each other in language as well as in the gestures and emotion of the photographs. Adding this personal dimension requires trust and being a little fearless.  This is for the brave.  But isn?t also marriage itself?  

How does it work?  You and your partner will answer a set of questions independently, and mail the answers back to me.  We schedule, plan and have your engagement session.  I read through your responses and pair them with images.  You?ll get a pictures only gallery as well as a gallery of select images that are paired with words.