Wedding Albums – Put Your Pictures in Their Place

January 6, 2015

Winter is starting to get real. The down parkas emerged. Downton Abbey premiered. ?And that means it’s also album time.? If you are interested in getting a wedding album, we can make that happen.

Does this stem from my own fond memories of looking through my parent’s wedding album? in part, yes.? I’ve also been listening to new moms and dads sheepishly tell me that they still haven’t ordered their wedding album, and now that they are full time parenting they don’t know if they will ever get to it.??As the Engineer would say, this evidence is anecdotal.? But I believe that telling a story with images and having those images in your hand is important.

telling a story

One of the many reasons I love photographing weddings is that I get to use photographs to tell a story.? Each album is carefully custom designed in a sequence so that each page spread reads visually as a unified part of your story.? You trusted a professional with capturing the images, let the images look their best in a professional album.? This is something that you will return to and enjoy for years.

physical not digital

Having access to images right away and from wherever you are standing with your cell phone is satisfying, of course. ?It’s awesome to have things to share on instagram, facebook or through emails. Agreed.? But interacting with something as tangible and physical as a?photograph, or a beautiful bound album, is different animal altogether.? Imagine holding that feels wonderful in your hands. ?Something that you don’t have to plug in or charge to look through.? Something that will be enjoyed and treasured as generations handle it with love and wonder.

You’ll be glad that you have it.? To hold, to look at, to hare your memories.

If you are an Ars Magna client and want to get the ball rolling, start by favoriting your must-haves in your gallery.? Submit those favorites to me, and we begin from there.

And to hold and to touch examples? Let’s set a date this month to start planning and designing the best album for you.

Are you ready??2015 is ready for you!