Boston Boudoir | Before & After

February 2, 2015

Obviously, Rachel is beautiful without a stitch of makeup.  She rarely wears it.  This is, she says, the third time she’s ever worn it.    


I love before and afters.  It’s fascinating to see what a little makeup and lighting paired with feeling relaxed and having fun can do to how you perceive and image and a person?s aura. Here’s an example of Rachel’s Before the shoot and After professional hair, styling, posing and lighting.  

Jillian Donovan wielding the brush here for Rachel’s after. I see styling that we do at boudoir sessions as a boost to your inherent beauty. Not a transformation or a disguise, but an affirmation.  Boudoir photography is about celebrating and a playing up your best features – highlighting your natural beauty. Jillian created this look for Rachel.  

Rachel?s makeup was inspired by her comment that she barely had worn her makeup before. Jillian wanted it to be dramatic but still natural.  She focused her attention to the eyes. Jillian shaped Rachel’s brows with a stencil,  and used the contrast of light and dark shadow were to create smoky, yet soft, sassy eyes. All that finished with false lashes  Jillian also contoured her cheek bones with a kiss of color and used a lip liner to showed off her full sexy lips.

Jillian Donovan is a Boston make up artist that I love working with.  Check out her Faces By Jillian page!