My Thoughts on Photoshop Retouching and an Example

January 20, 2015

Here?s an example of a before (SOOC) and after (retouched).  Skin blemishes, shadows softened just a bit, and I’ve brought down the tones in the robe and her decolletage to keep the eye on her face. It?s subtle.  A light touch.  

My mom, Diane, is the most optimistic person I know.  I suspect she?s got her rose colored glasses on all the time. All of the time.  When my dad was refinishing the living room. My dad who is a stickler for doing things the right way, even if it takes twice or three times as long.  He wanted to sand the walls again before painting. My mother told me ? if you squint, you can?t even see the imperfections.?

This reminded me one of my favorite moments from traveling with my mother.  We were staying at Circus Circus in Vegas. Our room looked out over the Adventuredome.  Not the most picturesque of views. Diane, in classic form, woke up, peered out the window and said ?If you take off your glasses it looks like a mountain. ? Glasses, rose-colored or not.  She sees things at their best.  

The best possible version of yourself.  I use photoshop as a tool, along with posing and lighting to get to the best version.  Photoshop retouching is best with a light touch.  I want you to look like you – the best possible version of yourself.

I wouldn’t, for example, remove the mole on my face – it?s a part of who I am, and it?s always there.  A pimple – that gets removed.  If you have a scar that you feel strongly about, a badge of pride, a representation of a milestone – we can keep that in.  


I love your rose glasses touch approach, its the best part of what makes your art of photography seem alive and a storytelling.