Boston Boudoir Makeup Looks | Which One Are You?

January 21, 2015

Painting your face.  That is essentially what we are doing with makeup.  Using color, tone, highlight and contour to create a visual illusion.  And isn’t it fun! 

The beautiful Audrey came over to help create these three looks. 

For part of my Dream Shoot Planner (more to come on that, so stay tuned!), I wanted to take some images to illustrate examples of the top three looks for boudoir.  As with planning what to bring and what to wear for a boudoir shoot, you also get to choose the kind of makeup look that works best for your boudoir shot. 

I confess it. I love watching makeup tutorials. From early youtube adopter  Michelle Phan, to recent Allure Beauty Bloggers Cara Lynn (of maskcara) and Alyssa Forever, there?s a trove of tutorials on make up.  From the ?no make up? look to full on Awards Show Glamazon.

After shooting boudoir for years, I’ve found that these three looks are the most popular with my boudoir clients.  The three top classic looks for boudoir:

A healthy and rosy glow with a neutral eye and pink lip.  Dewy skin and a clean brow anchor this neutral and natural look.

Here the eyebrows get a little stronger, and the eyes get played up with shadow and contouring. Paired with neutral/pink lip, this look to keeps the focus on strong eyes.

Starting with a flawless and clean complexion, this look featured the mouth. The eyebrows, now a little stronger, and crisp liner balance a strong lip color while keeping the focus on a colored lip. A classic red is always beautiful.

Which do you like?  Which is your everyday? Which is your go to look for feeling beautiful?