oooh – an island destination wedding. ?Dana told me she was looking for someone to jump in and be an insta-friend. ?Could I do that? ?Yes. ?As it happens, I can ?do that. ?Absolutely in my skill set. ?

the thing about destination weddings is that it creates a self-selecting group. It was important to Dana and Pete that they celebrate and share this moment in their lives with the most important people in their lives. ?Aside from immediate families, a handful of close friends were in attendance. ?

linkback to this past summer, where we met in the hours before the largest thunderstorm on July. ?They are so loving with each other, quick to laugh, to smile and as they are both in health care – very caring. ?

So I did, along with the Engineer who can also exercise those insta-friend muscles particularly well when he nestles between two other engineers and a guy from Lincoln Labs, head to photograph their wedding celebration in Jamaica. ?

the surprise of the day was the reggae band welcoming the couple into cocktail hour. ?Something they had thought about, but hadn?t booked. Their de facto wedding party came together and booked a wonderful trio. ?It was the perfect addition to the balcony overlooking the ocean, as the afternoon became evening and the party continued.

We all moved over to a larger private patio, which was beautifully laid out with orchid centerpieces. ?For a small group of people, they made it a dance party.?

Oh Jamaica! ?The sunsets were amazing. ?The stargazing was incredible. ?The Engineer and I stayed an extra day and had quite the romantic dinner under the stars.

The other thing about destination weddings is that I really get a chance to know the couple in a different way, in the quiet moments as well as the large ones. ????

Pete is full of curiosity and confidence. ?He can answer pretty much any question. ?They are supportive and understanding and loving partners to each other. ?They give each other both the independence and support they each need.

Here?s to two beautiful and thoughtful people who work to contribute to the world around them! ?They are off onto their next journey in a new state, and already in a community that loves them. Two happy pandas. ?

Sandals covered pretty much everything (a wonderful coordinator, flowers, cake, food, cocktails)