Boston Wedding Photography | Anthem Restaurant Faneuil Hall

December 16, 2014

The day began at the Millenium Hotel with Sara getting the final touches before she donned her dress.  And what a dress it was – droppingly beautiful (a soft purplish color) with corset seaming.  Ideal for the Old Hollywood theme of the wedding of course.

They has already legally tied the knot at Boston City Hall earlier in the week, so we arranged a first look in a lovely little sea of bricks and fancy wrought iron behind the hotel.  The light was on our side that day – giving me the chance to play around with some dramatic and noir images.  Le swoon.  We also hopped over to the scene of their first meeting and first date (21st Amendment) and then played in a few patches of sunlight in the Boston Common before heading back to greet the guests.  

As they made their grand entrance to the top floor of Anthem in Faneuil Hall, the jazz band played, and wonderfully.  You can?t always get what you want – an odd, though as it turns out perfect, choice.  

The lion?s share of the decoration was DIY, and Sara did, as you can inspect yourselves, an incredible job.  Love this idea of using single red roses in the candelabras.  Old Hollywood (and a little of the new Hollywood red carpet treatment was in play too) was infused throughout the evening.  Champagne tower, a victrola, the gold deco inspired table runners, the ostrich feathers – playful all, and coming together to truly transform the upstairs at Anthem into unique space that was suited for the couple?s dream of their wedding.

Cocktails and dining and dancing and music for the rest of the evening.  With a few teary eyed toasts in the mix too.  

Congratulations for making the wedding you dreamt of come true!

ps – Zac Posen?s line for David?s bridal is a lovely rabbit hole to wander into.  🙂